Bokor Mountain – Kampot

Bokor Mountain is a ridge that keeps the worst of the summer rains away from Kampot.

I hired a bike and headed on up, it was low season and there roads were empty. As I climbed the mountain it got a lot cooler and fresher and it started to rain a little, well it was more like low clouds.

The spirits of the mountain are strong enough for the Catholic’s to build a church to try to tap into the energy and direct it to Rome, it’s been abandoned for some time now and even the road to it has been abandoned and grown over.

The first thing you see is Buddhist Temple with what I thought were heavily made up statues!?

Then you’ll see the big Buddha this one is a lot more feminine with a nice pair of boobies!!

Moving further up there’s the mountain resort and building works – it going to be huge probably as many chalets as the old town of Kampot has houses, ready for when they build the Marina with deep sea port and the cruise ship tourists come pouring in looking for a change of scenery.  I guess when 3-5000 couples from one cruise ship descend on the place it will be hustling and bustling, plus there will be houses for the workers.

The main hotel looks like a poor copy of old art deco style from yesteryear.


Further up you’ll find the summit a large flat area with a number of shrines to all of the eastern divinities dotted around. I found a coach load of Chinese tourists plucking up plants around the base of these shrines I can only presume so they can have a little bit of the mountain spirit growing in their gardens.

I also found it interesting to see my old mate Lersi wearing a fish hat a bit like the Pope does and their Catholic mitres. There are obvious links to Dagon the fish head god from Sumeria. Lersi, by all accounts predates this and there’s probably a deeper meaning to it.



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