Big Buddha – Ang Thong

It’s Thailand New Year, a time to party and prey. A bit like spring cleaning in the west Buddhists pour water over statues of Buddha as a cleansing ritual.

And where better than the tallest Buddha statue in Thailand, measuring just over 100 meters tall.

The place in Wat Muang near Ang Thong a couple of hours outside Bangkok.

I went quite late in the day the sun was setting and the queues had gone. The whole complex has a couple of other temples, the first is the large golden temple sitting in a large lotus flower, from the far side it caught the setting sun and shone bright.


There’s also a Chinese Temple, I get the impression this is an all encompassing deity anyone in China can call their own.

The Big Buddha is fairly impressive, it can be seen from miles around.

Like everyone else I poured some water on the finger nails, big isn’t it.

I also found a group of mini monks – aww cute. An a celestial wheel glinting in the sunshine



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