Bully Bowling

10 pin bowling is pretty popular all over Thailand but not in Chiang Mai, after going to the local alley I’m not surprised.

I went to Bully Bowling located on the 4th floor of Kad Suan Kaew shopping centre (Kad as it’s know locally) the other day and now I know why it’s not more popular in Chiang Mai.

Finding the place was the hardest part, I know Thailand isn’t the best place at maintaining facilities but the difficulty finding it would have put off the majority of tourist visitors.

Kad is one of the oldest shopping centres it’s pretty big and many of the smaller shops especially in the rear have moved out and are shuttered up, you can be wandering around the area with no visibly open shops then find a solitary one open as you round a corner.

Finding It

Most people enter the the shopping centre at the front and use the first set of escalators to get the the 4th floor where you will find the cinema and a tiny hanging sign pointing down a dark desolate corridor, if it wasn’t for the nice lady on the concessions counter saying to follow the passage with numerous pointing actions that I soon discovered wasn’t and exaggeration, I might have given up.

See the tiny tiny sign!?

Down the first corridor round the corner past the toilet and round another without a sign or direction to encourage the would be visitor and there you will find a closed up darkened bowling alley and bitter disappointment,

Locked and with the lights out

Not immediately obvious off to the right you might just see or hear some life, they have moved the alley and forgot to tell anyone!

At last I’ve found it



The place had seen better days, I had hoped, the paint was flaking the carpet was dirty the equipment was falling apart, the little screen in the picture would flash and stutter on every bowl!

Apart from the decor, equipment and not the most friendly of staff the bowling was OK, not a bad lane it did keep score in the over head thingy and in the evening they have disco bowling which I’m sure is more fun than the empty afternoon I spent there.

Prices and food menu below.

160216_163934    bullybowlmenu



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