Chinese New Year in Chiang Mai

Happy new year, it’s the year of the red fire monkey. In Chiang Mai there are many tourists from china and in northern Thailand and Myanmar they also follow the same 12 year cycle. Typically though they swap the 12th animal from a pig to a elephant – see the bottom animal on this zodiac pillar.


Even though the pig is one of the favourite animals in the Chinese, for a westerner the elephant is more respected.

New Year 2016

The celebrations centred around the Chinatown area close to the popular Warorot Market area. 2016-02-11 15_03_44-Warorot Market - Google Maps

The roads around it were closed of and they were lined with stalls selling mainly food and clothes.

Would you like some sunshine sushi!?

Yummy, sunshine sushi, what’s not to like!?

It was busy during the day in those narrow roads, in the evening it will be packed.

Good luck dragons, put your hand in it’s mouth, stroke it’s tongue and give it a tip.

The Chinatown Temple

Lanterns, lanterns lanterns everywhere.

Selfies and traditional dress, check out those heels.

These guys were awesome.


There was a knockout checkers competition going on, some games drew a small crowd.

Chiang Mai reports and ever increasing figure of Chinese tourist with hotels reporting 90% occupancy for the 2 weeks over the celebrations. with the flower show it’s a great time to visit.



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