Chinag Mai Flower Festival

I went to this years flower festival at Suan Buak Had Park on the Saturday of the 3 day festival.


In the park they had Orchid and Bonsai competition displays.

The highlight of the day was the big parade. Marching bands are a thing, there was the bond theme, traditional Thai drum and cymbal music and a gansta’ band!


It wasn’t all flower they had a vegetable float as well.


As the parade went by there would be occasional bikes and cars let through and the rear was jammed packed with bikes trying to get past, of course no crowd control barriers, marshals or hi-viz jackets anywhere, it’s Health & Safety gone mad!


They also had a life size elephant a couple of show pieces and people in traditional dress in the park.

Surrounding the park were loads of local clothing and craft stalls and the typical range of food stalls including insects.


This set of rocking guys got some of the crowd dancing in the streets.

It was a great day out, highly recommend it for visitors next year.





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