Thai Buffet Dinner

I went to a new dining expereience last night, they call it a BBQ buffet, a sort of all you can eat cook it yourself dinner that’s very popular in Thailand.

Firstly the place was huge, the dining room is about 2 thirds a football pitch and could probably seat around 2,000 people. It had some kids entertainment in the corner, a couple of trinket stalls, and a stage for bands or the ever popular Karaoke.


My table had a big scortch mark from the previous hot coal bbq that’s placed in the middle, but now it was covered with a large metal plate ready for the new bowl of hot coals.


A little dome tray with with a surrround of water goes on top and it heats up and will cook anything you throw at it for the next couple of hours.


Once it’s all set up you go and get your plates of stuff, there’s a long table with large trays of thinnly cut meats, liver, (not very popular) fish, sausages, whole prawns, vegetables, there also salads, cut fruit, soda pops, water, even mini ice cream cones all for the inclusive price of 209 Baht – about £4.  The food isn’t refridgerated so to keep the flies of the meat is positioned under sets of fans that have the blades replaced with a bunch of  streamers, sort of an automated fly flail they used to use in ancient times.


A tip is to place 2 large chinks of pork fat on the top which slowly greases the dome griddle. There’s only chop sticks to use so you better be half decent with them as you have to palce, turn, dip into the sauce and eat what ever you put on the grill (prefabley without dropping them onto the rough wooden table!)

Another version of this is the hot pot, no griddle just a clay pot of water you add the variety of produce plus an egg to make a chunky soup.



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