Everything’s The Same But Different.

There’s so many things that’s the same in nearly all cities of developed nations, so it’s the little things you notice which peak you interest or give you a giggle.

Basically most of the big cities have  colour coded public transport maps, exit signs, traffic lights, zebra crossings (but they are yellow in Malaysia!) How they are used differs from strict obedience to a free for all quickly discerning is obviously a life saver!

Shopping Malls have surprising global brands, apparently Topshop bill themselves as being from London as a selling point! Auntie Anne’s Pretzels was another surprise.

But its the little things that make me smile like these gems I found in Chiang Mai.

at least it wasn’t a fountain
I dress my kids in Poo!

“lost in translation” signs




A temple that had the iconic music sequence from “Close encounters of the Third Kind” as their intro “bing bongs” over the tannoy system, they also had these fantastic elaborately designed mini Stupa’s as grave markings.


I’ve also got to thank David Beckham in helping cross the cultural divide, apart from being a name just about any bloke can say to another bloke in any accent / language to get the conversation onto football, also his haircuts have helped barbers, like a recent one I went to, who just pointed to a picture on the wall instead of interpreting my bad mime and worse local language – yep that’s close enough, get the clippers out.


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