The Petroleum Towers


The Petronas towers in Kuala Lumpur are built on the cold dead bodies of dinosaurs or so their marketing says.


Wondering around the on the top floor of the relatively high end shopping centre is the Petrosians Discovery Centre, it’s a destination for school kids and tourist to show them the miracles the petroleum industry can do. I didn’t go in but I bet it doesn’t show the miracles of century long pollution.


I did go in the gift shop though and found cuddly dinosaurs and irony of ironies little plastic dinosaurs made from of course petroleum!



If the twin towers in New York represented world finance and soon after they fell we had the biggest world finance crash and bail out, more than the all time NASA budget.

These undoubtedly represent world energy and as they claim to recycle dinosaurs will they get a big recycling bag over them before burning petroleum for fuel is replaced by new alternative energy.  Perhaps it’ll become a new luxury item only the super rich can afford, and your Crimplene shirts from the 70’s will be collectors items.


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