Signs of good things to come?

I flew out using some of the airmiles I started collecting on my very first adventure to work on Camp America, oh so many years ago.
Apart from struggling with my 2 stuffed to the brim wheelie cases and a back pack on the train and tube to Heathrow the transit through the airport was fairly uneventful.
Just as I settled in my economy windows seat 2 young blonde Avril Lavine type rock chics approached, things are looking up already I thought.

They asked if I wouldn’t mind swapping seats so they could sit together, mmmm…. but it was offered a swap for a seat with extra leg room at the front of the premium economy section, because I’m such a gent I graciously accepted.

It was a older 777 plane, after flying on the double decker Airbus with Emirates the lack of mod cons was a bit of a let down, no charging sockets, the screens weren’t much bigger than my phone and had a faint grid across them, which I eventually figured out was a map of where I had to tap my finger to get it to work.

An overnight flight and a little snifter to help me sleep made the time fly by, I woke just as they served breakfast and we landed with a big hard bump, to go swiftly through immigration then onwards to the smallest room I’ve ever had.



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